Announcements: New Members, New Website, Tentative Meeting Dates

New Members

We are welcoming 19 new members to the Inn, whom I’ve listed below and whom you will also be able to identify by the red dots on their nametags.  If you get a chance, please introduce yourself.

Amir Ali

Julie Ciamporcero Avetta

Jeffrey S. Beelaert

Ishan K. Bhabha

Jonathan C. Bond

Mel Bostwick

H. Thomas Byron III

Jennifer J. Clark

Elana Nightingale Dawson

Ross B. Goldman

Morgan L. Goodspeed

Michael Lieberman

Jonathan Marcus

Sean Marotta

C. Harker Rhodes IV

Jeffrey E. Sandberg

Jaime A. Santos

Elisabeth S. Theodore

Patrick J. Urda

New Website (and announcement about Inn dues)

Today is also the unveiling of our newly redesigned website, which you can access at  Sy Damle, the Inn’s Technology Chair, is responsible for the truly impressive new look and new functionality, and we encourage you to explore its offerings.  Perhaps most important among those new functions is the fact that you are now able to pay your dues online—and should do so now for the new term.  If you have questions, they can be directed to Inn Treasurer Joe Palmore

Tentative Meeting Dates for the Remainder of the Term

Finally, the Executive Board has tentatively set the following dates for the remainder of our meetings for the term. 

November 13

January 17

February 22

April 11

June 5