Position Opening: Deputy Solicitor General of Virginia

We have been asked to pass along information about a recently posted opening for a Deputy in the Virginia Solicitor General’s Office.  It will be a political appointment serving with Virginia's recently re-elected Attorney General, Mark Herring, and new Solicitor General, Toby Heytens (a former member of our Inn). 

The Virginia Solicitor General’s Office represents Virginia before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Virginia, and the Fourth Circuits, as well as in other matters of importance as assigned by the AG.

General Heytens anticipates that the person hired for this position will personally brief and argue multiple appellate cases per year and participate in numerous others. The ideal candidate would have at least 5 years of post-JD experience, as well as appellate experience, trial experience, or both.

They are actively looking now and there is no set time-table for a decision.  For more information, you can contact General Heytens at tobyhetens@gmail.com.