New Members and Upcoming Meetings

Coke Inn Members –

This September brings with it the prospect of a change in composition at one of our most important appellate institutions.  With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce that 14 new members have joined our Inn of Court.  The new members are:

Sarah Boyce

Anthony Dick

Jenny Ellickson

Michael Huston

Todd Kim

Jonathan Levy

Katherine Meeks

Dina Mishra

Nate Pollock

Devi Rao

Nicolas Riley

Ben Shultz

Thaila Sundaresan

Caroline Van Zile

We will welcome our new members at our first meeting of the term, which will be held on September 24, 2018.  As usual, we will meet at the Dolly Madison House, 1520 H St NW.  Our cocktail hour will begin at 6 pm, and we will move upstairs at 7 pm for a conversation with Solicitor General Noel Francisco about the Supreme Court’s upcoming term.

In addition, the Executive Board has tentatively set the following dates for the remainder of our meetings for the term: 

November 7

January 10

February 12

April 11

June 3